Mentor Concept

Language camps

Learning a new language is definitely an investment that you can make for your personal culture. We are living in this new era of globalization and it is very important for each of us to have the right information, especially in foreign languages.

It is especial for every student being updated and of course having the right support on learning a new language and walking through the knowledge path. Language camps surely are a very good solution for every young student who wants to improve his skills on learning a foreign language. The average age of students that can participate on this program is 10 – 16 years old.

Academic camps

Academic camps are an option of getting familiar with the university that a student wants to take part in. Those are highly recommended for students who prefer to start their studies abroad. The program usually lasts 3 to 6 weeks. Academic camps are specialized on programs such as: computer science, medicine, architecture, arts, economic, law etc.

Are considered as one of the most efficient forms of adjustments that students can have with the university environment but as well the profile and career that would like to follow. We can definitely say that academic camps are the first step that every young student should take in order to know better his intensions regarding his academic future. Participants on these programs should be at least 15 years old.

Study abroad mentoring

For a young student, studying abroad is not always the easiest decision he can take, it is actually the opposite, in order to take this decision, they shouldn’t just have the will but as well they must have someone guiding on the right path.

Walking on the right academic path it is not just cultivating your own values but as well guaranteeing your future career success.

We can help you develop your academic future starting from young students at 14 years, with High school programs until the end of your academic path with Master or MBA programs.

We are collaborating with the most prestigious Universities in the world so every young student can follow his academic goals.

Mentoring is one of our duties and our team is highly passionate and motivated.

Internships & Volunteering

In order to help every student, Universities have included internships in their programs. These internships are mostly paid by businesses that the universities have partnership with.

Volunteering helps people interact with each other and make the community a better place. Thanks to volunteering you can gain new skills, experience or qualifications. Dedicating your time to volunteer means giving your contribution in the society and improving your social skills.

Coaching & mentoring

At we take care that everyone gets the right information when it comes to education and career. We always try to guide the right people to the right path. Walking through the knowledge and success path is out mission.

Mentoring includes the assistance we give, thanks to our cooperation with different business, so every young graduated student can have his own role in the business field.